Hamilton Health Sciences is developing a 20-year plan for the healthcare our community will need. Our family of hospitals must grow and change to meet those needs.

This planning process is called Our Healthy Future (OHF). More than 2,000 people have helped to shape this vision, and our work isn’t done. Please visit this web site often for the latest on OHF!
  • What kind of health care will you need in the future?

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  • Hospital and health care for the next generation

    We’ve crafted a vision of the facilities we think we’ll need… the footprint looks different than what we have today.

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  • Engagement

    This past year, our leaders and our community partners imagined new models of care through an interactive tabletop exercise. Learn more about their results on the ‘Your voice’ page.

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Tomorrow’s hospital looks different than it does today.

Here are some of the reasons why Hamilton Health Sciences is proposing to grow and change for the future:

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