Our Healthy Future is a planning process that began in March 2015. Hamilton Health Sciences is designing the care we will provide over the next five, 10 and 20 years. We’re also thinking about the facilities we’ll need to deliver that care to the communities, patients and families we serve. The reports below provide an overview of our vision and progress to date.


Lefaqsarn more about our vision and where we are today through our FAQs.


Our Clinical Visioning Summary outlines what we see as key elements for the future.

Phase 1 Engagement

We listened to your stories. We heard what matters most to you. See the results of our Community Conversations in our Progress Report.

Phase 2 Engagement

Community Conversations are an important part of Our Healthy Future planning, and our second Progress Report captures the discussions we had with people who use the hospital system and with our community-based health partners, in fall 2015 and January 2016.

We heard your input

progress-reportThe third Our Healthy Future progress report outlines our vision for rebuilding how and where we provide care and how the stories and input we heard from our community and workforce shaped the vision we are presenting today.