Why Change?

Tomorrow’s hospital care looks different than it does today. We see exciting possibilities to replace and rebuild aging facilities, creating purpose-built space for older adults and children alike. To re-think outpatient care, providing more services in accessible community locations.

Here are some of the highlights about why Hamilton Health Sciences is proposing to grow and change for the future.

We operate five hospital sites in Hamilton and West Niagara and all have aging infrastructure that doesn’t meet today’s care standards.

Some patient care areas date back to the 1930s. Read more about our sites and facilities here.

In 25 years, the number of people older than 80 will double.

As people age, they are more likely to have multiple, chronic health conditions. Our hospital system must be ready for it with a model that is more integrated with primary care (family doctors, community clinics, etc.).

Some of our services could be provided at community locations instead of at an acute-care hospital.

We need to preserve precious hospital resources for people who need them most and provide non-acute care in different ways.

“Communicate with other partners at transition points – it would make a world of difference.”

We want to work in partnership to address the root causes of poor health that bring people to hospital. Read more about a population health approach here.

“Be part of my health care journey, know who I am and know my path. This is not a one off.”

We want to collaborate with patients and their families before, during and after their care at HHS.

Too often, hospital care feels like a transaction; we want it to feel like an ongoing relationship. For instance, once you’ve received care at HHS, we should know who you are and you shouldn’t have to repeat all your information at each visit.